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Sivoia® QS Shading Solutions

Sivoia® QS shading systems are the next generation of shading technology from Lutron, and the ideal solution for total light control. The Sivoia QS product family includes roller shades, drapery tracks, and skylight shades. It easily integrates with Lutron lighting controls, including the GRAFIK Eye® QS. Control electric light and daylight at the touch of a button.

The benefits and features of Sivoia QS

Total light control

  • Seamless integration with GRAFIK Eye QS for intuitive control of electric and daylight
  • Integration with other Lutron lighting control products
  • Adjustable light and shade zones for scene control

Easy to design, install, and integrate

  • Simplified low voltage wiring scheme
  • Built-in diagnostics to verify system communications

Precision control of daylight

  • Shades start, move, and stop in unison, maintaining perfect alignment with each other (within 0.125 inches of each other)
  • Minimal, symmetrical 0.75 inch light gaps to ensure maximum window coverage

Simple operation, beautiful aesthetics

  • Simple, intuitve control of window treatments with seeTouch® QS keypads
  • Wide variety of styles, colors, and metal finishes to complement your decor
  • Backlit, engraved buttons for visible, intuitive control
  • Preset buttons instantly recall a favorite light level or shade position

Ultra-quiet performance

  • Manage daylight without disturbing the activity in a space
  • Near-silent level operation rated at less than 44dBA at 3 feet

How does Sivoia QS work?

The Sivoia QS Smart Panel power supply provides power and communication to power the window treatments and controls. Controls include seeTouch® QS keypads, GRAFIK Eye® QS controls, or both for added convenience.

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