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Sivoia QED® Shading Solutions

The Sivoia QED®  (Quiet Electronic Drive) family includes roller shades, drapery track systems, skylight shades, and Roman shades. All operate with ultra-quiet precision, low-voltage drives, and offer many options for fabrics an

The benefits of Sivoia QED

Intelligent control
Sivoia QED offers programmable presets that can be recalled from an intuitive keypad. Shades move smoothly, in unison, and with exact alignment.

Simplified installation
This system can be reprogrammed at the point of control without any rewiring, access to the EDU, or use of a group controller. The mounting brackets allow an installer to adjust the shade's level, projection, and side-to-side position, all after the shade has already been installed.

Ultra-quiet electronic drive
The Sivoia QED drive operates at a near-silent level (44dBA at 3ft.)

How does Sivoia QED work?

Communication circuit
  • Addresses, programs, and reconfigures the system from any system component - the EDU mounted in the ceiling, keypad installed in the wall, or a handheld infrared remote control
  • Eliminates the need for external group controllers, thereby simplifying programming and future changes to the system

Hall effect sensors
  • Measure motor position to ensure shades move in unison and in precise alignment
  • Digitally sets and stores limits

  • Features precision helical gearing design to ensure ultra-quiet operation

Protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Provides safe, controlled discharge of potentially damaging static created by shade fabric

Electronic drive circuit
  • Variable speed motor drive ensures silent, accurate control

  • Provides smooth, consistent shade movement
  • Shades align and track together
  • Eliminates audible starts and stops
  • Stores precise, user-defined preset levels at each keypad

10-year power failure memory
  • Records motor movements to ensure that position is accurately saved even if the EDU is active when power is interrupted.

What are the control options?

Sivoia QED shades can be controlled with a seeTouch™ keypad or infrared remote.

Architectural Insert Style seeTouch keypad

Single shade group infrared remote