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Online Booking and Reservation System

Book it online!

Whether it is booking a hotel room, a short holiday trip, reserving a seat for a conference or an exhibition, or renting a car, enrolling into a driving course, making a doctor's appointment, people take to the internet for any bookings the second come to their mind. Internet has become so inextricable that people would be difficult, if not impossible, to live without, making it another business arena that your company cannot afford to lose out.

What we offer?

  1. Intuitive User Interface (UI) and Perfect User Experience (UX)

    We bring our usability expertise accumulated from years of R&D and feedback gathered from our client interaction to develop the Booking System.Our designers focus on 3 guiding principles to achieve the best user experience.

    • Early focus on users (e.g., user driven modeling and prototyping)
    • Empirical Measurement (e.g., testing and evaluation)
    • Iterative Design (e.g., analysing and refining)


  2. Powerful Integration

    The Booking System integrates with Event Manager Module and Registration Manager Module, so that you can easily manage your event and handle the event registrations. In addition, the Booking System can be integrated with Online Payment System.

  3. Speeding Up Cash Flow

    We integrate various Payment Gateways in the Reservation System to facilitate easy credit card payment or Paypal transfer between merchants and consumers. That allows merchants to accept real-teim credit card payments in an accurate and secure manner.

  4. Security Focus

    Our systems are built with a sharp security focus striving to achieve and maintain system security. We actively avoid security flaws inherent in our system design and constantly managing information security risks. Check out our latest security news for what we do.

  5. Powerful Features:


    • Create and manage events with quota
    • Upload event images and files
    • Registration management
    • Advanced event management
    • Payment management and processing (including PayPal, cash, credit card transfer etc.)
    • Statistics analysis and charts generation
    • Customizable emails, tickets, invoice templates
    • Print and export CSV function
    • Google Map integration 


  6. Additional Features:

Contact us now and our consultants are ready to help you design your very own Booking and Reservation solutions.