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Grafik Eye® 3000 Series

GRAFIK Eye is designed to control every light in your conference room, home theater, auditorium, restaurant, or other space.
Press one button, and GRAFIK Eye adjusts every light in the room perfectly for any activity.

GRAFIK Eye enhances the beauty and usefulness of any space

Adjust the lights and shades to create preset scenes for different purposes, atmosphere, drama, sophistication, and energy savings.

  • Define and preset the lighting scenes for multiple uses, simply.
  • Control all the lights and shades without remembering settings.
  • Fade between settings so your eyes adjust comfortably to lighting changes.
  • Control light from any point in a room with infrared wireless remote controls.
  • Control multiple types of lamps: incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, and neon/cold cathode

One-touch, preset light and shade control

  • meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, auditoriums;
  • home theaters, great rooms, and exterior lights;
  • ballrooms, lobbies, and conference centers; or
  • any room with multiple uses.

Control lights

  • Select 4 preset scenes directly from a GRAFIK Eye unit.
  • Select up to 12 additional scenes from remote wallstations or controls.
  • Automatically offer different scene choices based on partition position. 
  • Set the light level for each zone independently for each scene.
  • Save energy by using only the light you need.
  • Occupant sensors turn lights down or off when rooms are not in use.

Control electronic shades

  • Incorporate shades in your lighting scenes.
  • Reduce solar heat load and fabric fade by raising shades only when a room is in use.
  • Adjust shades differently for video presentations, group discussions, and detail work.
  • Interfaces can link any GRAFIK Eye unit to automated shades.

Advanced Capabilities

A full line of wall controls and interface devices is available to expand system capabilities. All accessories (except the entrance control NTGRX-1S) use standard Class 2 (low voltage) twisted pair wiring. Each GRAFIK Eye control can power up to three Class 2 accessories.

  • Additional Scene Capacity -
    •  Scene capacity can be increased as requirements change, Up to 16 total scenes can be programmed and accessed using wall and infrared controls.
  • Remote Scene Selection and Raise / Lower -
    •  One or more scenes/zones can be selected, raised, or lowered with wall and/or infrared controls.
  • Sequencing -
    •  Multiple lighting scenes can be automatically sequenced on a schedule or using special function wall controls.
  • Lockout Features -
    •  Zones and/or scenes can be locked out as desired to prevent tampering with pre-programmed settings.
  • Partitioning Features -
    •  GRAFIK Eye units can be daisy chained with wall controls to alternately split and/or combine scenes. This feature is very useful in large rooms with moveable partition walls.
  • Preconfigure
    •  - Series 3500 and 4500 link to a PC to set up complex operations or preconfigure a unit.

GRAFIK Eye controls provide:

  • Preset control for up to 24 zones and up to 16 scenes.
  • Integrate preset lighting scenes with shade control.
  • Link up to 8 GRAFIK Eye controls for up to 48 zones.
  • Link up to 16 accessory controls for total of 24 control points.
  • Control up to 32 lighting panels, 512 zones, and 544 scenes.
  • Optional infrared wireless remote control, from Lutron or universal remote controls.