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Web Security

If you think your website is secure enough, think again.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, organizations are now setting up their own websites to reach out to customers, giving hackers plenty of targets to aim at. A report published by Acunetix reveals that over 70% of the websites are at immediate risk of being hacked; The lost of sensitive corporate data such as credit card information, customer lists could amount to billions of dollars; Not to mention the devastating effects of the hacking on a company's hard-earned reputation.

How serious if your website is hacked?

Cyber threats can take many forms, below is a real case-study of a website being hacked.

A website before hacked

screenshot - website before hacked

A website after hacked
website screenshot  - website after hacked

The importance of web security 

Companies' website usually are built with different web applications such as: shopping carts , forms, login pages or other bespoke applications which are designed to allow your website visitors to retrieve and submit dynamic content including varying levels of sensitive data. Secure web portal can safeguard those sensitive data and preventing from being stolen by hacker.

Insecure web portal with web applications would give easy approach to companies’ back end corporate database, sensitive information therefore is at risk to be embezzled. Secondly, your customer may be another victim who takes risk of exposing his/her personal information if insecure web applications are used. Company reputation would be destroyed by providing unreliable service towards customers.

How to secure your web portal?

In fact, it is a few steps away to defand against many cyber security threats that your business may encounter. 3TECH is here to offer full consulting services on your cyber security setup to ensure you have the latest defence measures against hackers. To learn more about Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (Acunetix WVS).