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Membership Management System (MMS)

How important is Membership Management System (MMS)

Efficient management of membership is integral to the success of any organization, large or small.  An effective membership and database management system (MMS) offers many tangible and intangible benefits, e.g., increased engagement with members and guests, and customer retention. Yet its biggest value is the ability to collect data, generate reports allowing companies make smarter, evidence-based management decisions.

3TECH delivers to you the simple, powerful and agile MMS

A good membership management system should be simple yet powerful. We are firmly committed to writing systems that are easy to use, which requires minimal training time and effort for even non-technical administrators and customers, yet so powerful and agile that can grow with complexity and functions to meet the changing technological demand.

As a system integrator, we build MMS that are readily integrated into any databases and Content Management System (CMS) as one of the core features to create a single coherent interface and deliver an overarching functionality.

Powerful Features:
  • Membership Registration
  • Email Verification for Membership Activation
  • Member Account Level Access Control
  • Profile Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Event and Content Management (e.g., publishing and delivering textual or audio-visual content)
  • Admin Interface to store, edit, generate reports and statistics
  • Member Search Functions
  • Statistics Analysis and Report Generation
  • Export CSV Function
  • File Sharing and Collaboration between members
  • Payment History
  • Recurring Billing
Additional Features:

Contact us now and our consultants are ready to help you design your very own membership solutions.