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All you need to know about Heartbleed bug!


What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed is a security bug in OpenSSL software that lets a hacker access the memory of data servers. Simply put, with this bug a user's sensitive personal data -- including usernames, passwords, and credit card information could be easily stolen by hackers.

How serious is this?

There are security vulnerabilities found every minute, but Heartbleed is an extremely serious one. It not only requires significant change to websites, but also demands every user to change their password. In other words, the people affected could be countless.

Are you affected by the bug?

We proudly say that NONE of our clients has been exploited by the bug with our swift and skilled action taken on the same day the bug was found.

If you are not our clients yet, the chances are you have been affected either directly or indirectly because OpenSSL is the most popular cryptographic library used to encrypt traffic on the Internet. This bug is so widespread that sites vulnerable to Heartbleed include big names such as Google, Yahoo, TurboTax, and more.

Test your site NOW!

Go to to check your Web sites for Heartbleed vulnerability.

(This tool is published by a cryptography consultant and it showed Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and several other major websites to be unaffected -- but not Yahoo.)

Find us for all the information you need to secure your web infrastructure. We are happy to help.