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Launched Medical Data Management System

3TECH provides easy-to-use and secure medical data management solutions to Organisation for Oncology and Translational Research (OOTR). The online medical data management system for OOTR has been successfully launched in June 2007.

Centralized management and flexible access
The research data management can be centralized in this SSL web-enabled system.  Researchers and doctors from different regions can have access to research data anywhere, anytime, in a highly secure manner.

Remote access in a secure manner
The system is hosted in a data center with high level of physical security.  Only authorized person can enter the data center and physically access the server.  The server is SSL-enabled (Secure Sockets Layer), the data transmission between server and user machines are encrypted.  Remote access to the server is limited to the designated location.

Well-structured research data input and update
Each research record has more than 1,000 variables.  There is an on-going treatment for the research participants.  Researchers can easily retrieve and update the records of participants.  The research data input form is generated according to the question definition predefined in the system.  The accurate update of baseline information, cycle treatment result and other critical information is ensured by minimizing user typing input.