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Schneider Electric

Listed in Paris as a CAC 40 company, Schnedier Electric is a leading global specialist in energy management.  Located in 102 countries, its team of 120,000 serves customer in 190 countries worldwide.

The Installation systems & Control Division of Schnedier Electric provides solutions that represent the best in lifestyle and innovation for offices, hotels, and homes.  These solution include award-winning products in the area of building and home automation, strucured cabling, and designer switches and sockets.  They help the finest architectures around the world to achieve more with less.


  • ULTI®


    ULTI lets you set the prefect lighting for an evening of family fun, elegant entertaining or romantic dinner, without ever once leaving your armchair.  Just one gentle push of a button is all it takes to activate one-touch scene control and recalls your favorite pre-programmed combination of lights and light intensity.  With ULTI, creating desired scenes, intensifying moods and bringing out the very best in your decor really is simplicity itself.  Expandable, easy to upgrade and to programme, ever-adaptable ULTI redefines the art of fine lighting.

  • C-Bus™ System

    C-Bus™ System

    C-Bus Technology™ is a futuristic alternative to conventional wiring that delivers extra functionality. this microprocessor-based system enables integrated control and management of virtually any type of electrical load, digital and analogue. You can set the operating variables and control relationships between C-Bus linked units. The system's innovative modular design and distributed intelligence also enhances set-up, maintenance and scaling efficiency with a single connection controlling an unlimited number of devices and open protocol architecture ensuring unrivalled interoperability. With C-Bus, you'll never have to worry about control and integration of various devices being compromised by differences in origin, technology or brand.