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Paradome Motion Detector

The Paradome is a high performance infrared motion detector designed to provide excellent 360°degree coverage, ideal for use as a ceiling mount detector. ceiling mount detector are highly recommended in areas where objects can block the view of regular wall or corner mount detector (usually the case in office buildings).
The Paradome's oval detection pattern coverage provides an excellent coverage range of 7 meter (24ft.) x 6 meter (20ft.) when installed as low as 2.4 meter (8ft.) ceiling, increasing to a 11 meter (35ft.) x 6 meter (20ft.) when installed at a range of 4 meter (12ft.) ceiling using superior Lodiff® segment fresnel lens array.

Other important features of the Paradome include APSP - Auto Pulse Signal Processing (USA patent #5077-549, CDN #1-302-541) , ATC - Automatic Temperature Compensation, standard metal shielding to improve RFI and EMI rejection, plus an easy to install design.
Sensor type Dual element, low noise high sensitivity
Processing Auto pulse, 2 levels, temperature compensation, metal shielding
Detection speed 0.2 m to 3.5m/second (0.6ft. to 11.5ft./second)
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F)
Power input 9 to 15V DC, 18mA maximum
Lens LODIFF® segment Fresnel ceiling mount array
Coverage 360°, 7m x 6m (24ft. x 20ft.) at a height of 2.4m (8ft.)
Installation height 2.2m to 4m (7ft. to 12ft.)
*up to 4.5m (14ft.) however sensitivity will be compromised
Alarm indicator Red LED, constant light 3 second
Alarm output N.C. 28V DC, 0.15A, 38V DC, opens when cover is removed
Size 108 mm (diameter) x 35 mm height (4.25" x 1.38")