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The most flexible, affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system - ever. You will get true HD video quality - 720p30 - at only 1Mbps over any internet connection.


  • Desktop


    LifeSize Desktop supports off-the-shelf webcams for quick, simple deployments. Remote users can easily connect and receive high quality video at any bandwidth, over the corporate VPN or through LifeSize Transit, for secure NAT/Firewall traversal.

High Definition

  • LifeSize® Express 220™

    LifeSize® Express 220™

    Extending the capabilities of the award-winning LifeSize® Express ™ system, LifeSize® Express 220™ is an enhanced Full HD video communications system that is both affordable and scalable. Ideal for small working groups, teams or individual knowledge workers who want to take communication over distance to the next level, LifeSize Express 220 has it all.

  • LifeSize® Team 220™

    LifeSize® Team 220™

    For the first time, Full HD and superior multipoint conferencing is available at the midrange for 1/3 the price of others in its class. Introducing LifeSize® Team 220™ -- the next step in workgroup video communications.

Room Integration

LifeSize® Room™ combines an immersive, high definition video experience with a rich set of features to deliver a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use video communication solution.
  • LifeSize® Room 220™

    LifeSize® Room 220™

    It’s here -- the next generation in Full HD video communications. Introducing LifeSize® Room 220™, the world’s most powerful HD video communications system.

  • LifeSize® Room 200™

    LifeSize® Room 200™

    Experience the world’s first full HD video communications system. One look and you can see for yourself that the LifeSize® difference is the LifeSize experience - superior video experiences across cities, across countries, and across continents.